Konica Minolta's Workplace Hub... The Future of AI Office Technology

Workplace Hub connects people, places and devices. It learns and fits to you, giving you the power, freedom and efficiency to work as you want. So you can forget about your IT and focus on growing your business, or focus on using your technology to gain competitive advantage.

Konica's Workplace Hub is designed for people and how they work. But what makes it special is that, for the very first time, it brings together all your different technologies and connects them so they work for you. It seamlessly configures systems, devices and software into a single layer and gives them a common language. All your old tools and some great new ones are now together in one simple interface, giving you real freedom and control to work as you want. It’s for businesses that want people, places and devices to connect intuitively. Who want information to flow easily. Where all your IT can be accessed and managed in one simple place. Where effective collaboration becomes the norm. Where business efficiency is essential – and a whole new level of potential a reality.

So what does it do? It a device integrated into the future Konica Minolta MFP's that allow intelligent overviews and administration of a customer IT environment.

 • An IT-enabled information hub for effective working

• Unifies all your existing technologies and makes them work together intuitively

• Connects people, places and devices

• Integrates hardware, software and services into a multi-vendor, one-stop solution

• Removes legacy restrictions

• Is future proofed, so it grows as and when you need it to

• Is safe and secure using latest Sophos unified threat management technology

• Bridges onsite and cloud technology