Collaborate from anywhere, any time

Welcome to the Workplace of the Future, where work is not where you are. Work is what you get done. Where employees will be able to engage and collaborate seamlessly, working smarter, more productively from anywhere, at any time. Here's how.




Double Robotics

Double® 2 is there when you can’t be. 
 Double® 2 is the world’s leading telepresence robot, providing a real, physical presence at work or school via a two-wheeled balancing robot with an attached iPad®. Weighing only 15 pounds, a user attaches an iPad to the Double unit then uses an iPad, iPhone® or web browser to control and drive the robot.

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Promethean ActivPanel

The all-new Promethean ActivPanel is a tablet-like surface for the front of the classroom or conference room. Powered by Promethean's ActivConnect Android processor, it enhances the teaching, learning and collaborative experience providing instant access to educational apps, wireless connectivity, mobile device mirroring and more. 

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Ipad receptionist

This simple visitor registration system can help you manage your visitor flow, allow two-way communication between hosts and guests, track who’s coming and going, set up delivery options, present legal documents to sign electronically, capture photos and automatically print badges for your visitors. This is what the future looks like. 

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